Day 10 – Delft

We left Antwerp this morning. We were ready to be in a smaller older feeling town again. I wouldn’t recommend visiting Antwerp it doesn’t have the same feel as Brussels or Bruges. 

Delft on the other hand does have that Bruges feel. The town square is small and there is a church right in the middle of it. 

The church was built 600 years ago but is called New Church. The bells chime often. It’s a lovely sound. 

The canals here are covered in Algae. It was surprising to see as Bruges canals were much cleaner. We found some swans swimming about and took some photos of them. 

We found a nice place to sit and have lunch at an outdoor cafe. We saw a couple eating this incredible plate of bread and cheeses and we just had to do the same. 

After lunch we walked around a bit and took photos of the town. 

We stopped for a moment to log a quick geocache and went back to our hotel for rest and relaxation. Our room is small but has lots of character. Similar to our room in Paris.

The night came around quickly. We went out for BBQ ribs and pulled pork burgers. Also of course beer. 

The food was good. Tomorrow we head to Leiden and the Haage for a day trip, rain is in the forcast so it will be wet walking around. We’ve hit rain a few times on this trip but it is still warm and muggy here. 

Our trip is winding down we are almost at the end. It’s been a long 10 days so far and just a few more left before we head back to the grind. 

Distance walked 7.8 miles